You may wonder what makes a Russian woman Russian. The answer to this question is simply what you need to know.

What are the main priorities in life of a Russian woman?

The majority of Russian ladies have three main priorities in life that come in the following order:

  1. Find the right man and create happy, harmonious and strong family with him.
  2. Have children and make sure they are healthy and happy.
  3. Find a fulfilling work.

Looks rather simple at first sight, but what does it really mean?

An average Russian woman dreams to fall in love with the right man most of all in her life. When a Russian woman says she ‘wants to have a family’, this is what she really means. If Russian women fail to find the right man and create family they are considered failures in Russian society. Usually, if a Russian girl is single in her mid-twenties she is thought of as no successful in finding her love.

A typical Russian woman wants to have a happy family and children. Russian women are raised up with the family as the number one priority in life. They all want to have children and ensure they are happy and healthy. Russian women make great moms and raise their boys to be real men and girls – real women. A true Russian lady cares about her look and always tries to look her best. It is crucial for her to feel attractive, not just for herself, but that her husband stays attracted by her all the time.

A ‘real’ Russian woman enjoys being in a relationship and wants to do many things together with her husband. Russian women see a couple as a one, while Western women tend to be quite independent even when married. That is why Russian women are so popular among Western men. Russian model of relationship is far different from that in the West.

Russian women, as a rule, are hard-working and intelligent. Nevertheless, love, relationship and family come first and will always stay before career and job benefits for the most of Russian women.

True Russian women are very feminine, gentle, delicate, and tender and are used to men, who take charge in relationship. Russian ladies are used to old-fashioned school of courtship: opening doors, helping with coat, pulling out chair and many other small ways to show how special they are for their men.

Russian women dream of love and romance. They like to feel special and loved every time, but will always give all their love, attention and care in return.

It goes without saying that all Russian women are not the same. Every Russian lady is special in her own way. However, what was enumerated above unites these amazing women from post Soviet Union territory.