Are all those girls real?

Most female profiles are submitted by our partner agencies in Russia and Ukraine who meet them in person and check their passport. We also monitor for any suspicious activity, such as mass mailing to other members, asking for money, etc. If we have doubts about a girl’s identity or the information in her profile, we may contact her in person for additional proof. Due to the large number or profiles, we cannot vouch for every single one of our members, but you can always contact us if you see something suspicious about a member’s profile or behaviour, and we will investigate. Also each female profile is assigned a Trust Level, which shows the degree to which it has been verified by us. A Trust Level of 100% means the lady is 100% real. We also have a handy guide for spotting scammers. After getting a lady’s contact details, you can order a background check.

Do you have any success stories that I can read? 

Yes, you can find some on our Testimonials page.

How much do your services cost? 

Unlike some other dating sites, we do not charge a flat monthly fee. Instead, you can place your profile on our site for free, and you get full access to the site and the database of women for free. You can use our search option to look through ladies’ profiles according to your criteria and send free messages to them. Only if someone responds and you decide to continue correspondence, then you pay for translation of the messages between you and the lady. Please note that the translation must be done by our trusted local interpreters. We do not allow use of translator software (such as Google Translate), as well as third party translation services.

I liked a particular person on your site. How do I contact them?

Join for free, fill out your profile (be sure to upload your pictures), then send a message to that member or just a “smile”, indicating you are interested. It’s free. They can then view your profile and respond if they choose to. In such case, if you decide to continue correspondence, then you pay for translation of the messages between you and the lady.

I don’t want to send my credit card details over the Internet. Can I pay by other means?

Yes. Once you become a member, you can purchase credits by credit card as well as other payment options.

New Member

Why am I getting so many letters?

Site members can send out introductory mailings to advertise themselves. If you don’t want to receive those, you can change the status of your profile to Invisible, allowing only the people you have contacted yourself to write to you.

I cannot send a message, why?

Either your profile is inactive (please check profile status in the control panel), or you have more than one unopened message from the member you are trying to write to. In the latter case, you’ll need to open those messages first. If you have deleted them, please contact us.

Where and how do I buy credits?

To pay online with a credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), log in to your profile and go to “Buy Credits” (your profile must be active for you to be able to pay). Alternatively, you can pay using this secure form (in this case, the payment may take up to 24 hours to go through). Other payment options are listed here.

When can I contact a lady privately?

If you want to get a lady’s direct contact details, you have to open at least 15 messages from the lady *. At this point you have the right to request her contact details. To do this, go to her profile and click “Request contact details” on the Custom Menu. Please note that sending personal contact information through our messaging system is not allowed, even after you have opened 15 or more messages from a lady. If you want to exchange personal contact information with a lady, please contact us.

We do not allow contact between members outside our website before they have officially exchanged contact information. Outside contact includes our competitor websites, social network websites, skype, etc. Outside contact violates our Terms and Conditions. It also opens possibilities for fraud. We do not allow our ladies to contact men outside the website, or to respond to men’s attempts to circumvent our rules. If you are contacted outside our website by someone claiming to be a lady from the website, please be cautious as this could be a scam attempt. All of the above applies only until you have officially exchanged contact information. After the contact exchange you are free to communicate without our involvement.

Can I speak to a lady on the phone with an interpreter?

Yes, this service costs 1.8 credits per minute. You’ll need to contact us at least 24 hours in advance (unless you already have the lady’s phone number) and tell us which lady you want to talk to, and at what time. Our interpreter will do the rest.

Can I videochat with my lady?

Yes, you can order an interpreted videocall. You can make your request by contacting us. The price for videochatting with the lady is 2.5 credits per minute. The minimum call duration is 10 minutes, which means that the system will charge your account for the first 10 minutes automatically when you start talking to the lady. Please make sure you have enough credits on your profile account before starting the videochat. We need time to contact the lady’s local agency, or the lady herself, and make sure she will be available at the desired time therefore the videocall should be ordered in advance. Please note that exchanging personal contact information during your videocall will not be allowed.

Do you offer any discounts?

After opening 15 messages from a lady*, if the price for translation is more than 5 credits, then you can request to have it lowered to 5 credits.

What is a friend list?

First of all, it’s NOT the list of people this particular member is corresponding with. To be on the friend list you have to send her or him a specific invitation and he or she has to accept it. Once accepted, you and the other member appear in both of your friend lists. You cannot appear on somebody’s friend list if they are not on yours, and vice versa. People on your friends list have access to your private photos (those that are protected by password from everyone else). To add someone to your friend list, go to their profile and select “Friend Member” on the menu. If they accept your offer, you will appear on each other’s friend lists. You can delete people from your friend list from the Communicator section.

Remember that the list of your friends is viewable by any member or even a visitor to the site. Having a lot of friends on your list or having just a few, or even none, is a personal choice. Friends listed on members’ profiles mean different things to different people. For some, having a lot of friends demonstrates that they are popular. Some prefer not to list any friends to keep their relationships private. Yet for others listing just one person as a friend means they are serious about them. Use your own judgement in interpreting the meaning of a lady’s friends list or lack of it.

What is trust level?

The trust level is a credibility rating given to a female profile by our staff. A staff member can rate a profile on one or more of multiple scales: passport scans, live meeting, phone conversation, video, correspondence. Some are rated according to the staff member’s own judgement (such as passport scans or phone calls), and others (like correspondence or meetings) according to the feedback we receive from our male members. Combined, these ratings make up the trust level. Each category carries different weight (e.g., feedback on a meeting is more important than the passport scan); the exact formula is complex and classified, so it cannot be used to artificially raise the trust level. A trust level of 100% means that we have received definitive proof that the woman behind the profile is a real person, and all her communications originate from herself. This doesn’t mean, of course, that anyone with less than 100% is automatically fake or dishonest, although you should be wary of profiles with a trust level of 40% or less. Note that the absence of a trust level is not the same as a low trust level. A female profile doesn’t have a trust level by default and may never get one, unless it gives us a reason to rate it.

How do I make my pictures private or view other people’s private pictures?

To make a picture private, check the box labelled “private photo” after uploading it and save the changes. To view someone else’s private pictures, you need to request access from them by clicking the “Submit request” button in the picture browser in their profile. You can keep track of the people who have granted you access to their private photos in the Communicator; access to your own private photos is likewise granted from there.

Why is your phone number not working?

If you are trying to call our US toll-free number (starting with “800” or “866”) when you are outside the continental US, it won’t work (this may or may not include Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii). If that’s the case, please use our regular (toll) numbers or contact us via live chat 24 hours a day. Other than that our phone support is open 24 hours 7 days a week, so if you can’t get through for whatever reason, be sure to email or online chat us about it.

Why haven’t I received a response to my email?

If you have sent an email to our support staff, please note that we try to answer all emails within 24 hours. If you aren’t getting a response for more than 24 hours, please check your spam (or “junk mail”) folder to make sure our reply wasn’t caught by your spam filter. If you cannot find it, please contact us by phone or in the chat to make sure we got your letter.

If you are waiting for a response from a lady, it might take anywhere from 1 to 3 days, or sometimes more. If you are not receiving a notification about a response in your email, please log into your profile on our site and check your Inbox. Her response may be waiting for you there. Our system automatically notifies you by email when you have mail in your Inbox on our site, but sometimes these automatic notifications may be blocked by your provider’s spam filters.

The Next Step. Travelling to Russia or Ukraine


In Ukraine, the currency is Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) and in Russia it’s Ruble (RUB). You can look up current exchange rates on Google.

Credit cards are accepted in most major cities and ATMs are widely available. Foreign currency can be exchanged at most banks, hotels and licensed exchange booths. Worn out banknotes may not be accepted.

Be cautious when using debit or credit cards:

  • it’s best to use debit cards only at the ATMs located inside a bank
  • avoid using card readers with an irregular or unusual feature
  • cover the keypad with one hand when entering your PIN
  • check for any unauthorized transactions on your account statements

Can I bring my laptop with me?

No restrictions from customs or local law. Also, every laptop we’ve seen can operate on both 220 volts (Europe, Russia, and Ukraine) and 110 volts (USA). But if you are coming from the USA, I suggest you check that just in case (it’s is usually printed on the laptop’s charger). Also, our US clients will need to purchase a simple adaptor, because the Russian electrical outlet has 2 round sockets, while the American plug has 2 flat prongs. Those can be bought for about $1 at Walmart in the travel section, or in most airports (of course more expensive). For electronics other than a laptop you might need a step-down transformer. Those are more expensive ($20-$50) and heavier. To find out, check the device’s charger or where the power cord plugs into the device. It usually tells the operating voltage there. If it says “110-240 v”, then no step-down transformer is needed. Most cell phone chargers operate on 110-240 volts, so they do not require a step-down transformer.

Will my cell phone work in Russia / Ukraine?

Yes, if it uses the GSM standard. That’s what they use in Russia and Ukraine. So it will work just fine for all our travellers from Europe. If you are coming from the US, it will also work fine, unless you are on Verizon. Verizon uses CDMA standard, so the phone will not work in Russia nor Ukraine with your US SIM card. However, if you buy a local Russian or Ukrainian SIM card, your Verizon phone can still work if it’s one of the premium phones. Contemporary premium phones usually have both CDMA and GSM capabilities, so once you put in a local GSM SIM card your phone will automatically switch to GSM. If in doubt please check your phone’s specs. For other countries it’s best to check with your mobile provider. Most cell phone chargers operate on 110-240 volts, so they do not require a step-down transformer.

If you plan to use your existing SIM card, expect high roaming charges. You will also incur international long distance charges when, for example, calling a Russian number in Russia from your cell phone. It’s best to call your mobile provider before your trip and ask if they offer some international roaming plan that covers Russia / Ukraine. Most providers offer such plans where you can expect to pay around 15 cents per minute, or around $10 per day and have unlimited minutes. Some roaming data is usually included as well.

A good idea is to buy a local prepaid SIM card in Russia / Ukraine and put it in your phone. In Russia they should be under $10-$15, and in Ukraine you can get a SIM card with 4GB of data for only $3. This way you will get cheap local calls and usually a lot of data. Note that some mobile providers in your home country lock their phones to prevent their customers from doing just that. So if you got your phone from your provider, as opposed to buying online, you may have to have it unlocked first (to do that call your provider BEFORE your trip). For local SIM cards in Russia we recommend the provider called “MTS” and in Ukraine – “Kyivstar”.

How do I get an Internet connection?

Pretty much all hotels nowdays have Wi-Fi and it’s mostly free with your stay. Did you know that every McDonalds has free Wi Fi? And now there is plenty of them in Russia and in major Uikraine cities. And if you’ve got a local SIM card with lots of data, you can use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot.

How do I call Russia and Ukraine from my home country?

The best quality vs. price combination is Skype. You will need to add money to your skype account. Depending on which city you call and whether you call a landline or mobile phone, the call could be anywhere from 2 cents to 20 cents per minute, but it will be always cheaper than any calling plan offered by your local provider. The quality of the calls is usually pretty good. We would not call it excellent, but from our experience it’s better than the competitors’.

If you are old fashioned, then from a land phone you normally need to dial 011, then the country code, then the area code and phone number.

On a cell phone you dial “+”, then the country code, then the area code and phone number.

The country code is 7 for Russia, 380 for Ukraine, 375 for Belarus . If you dial directly from your phone without signing up for a special international calling plan with your provider, the rate may be pretty high ($2 per minute or even higher).
Remember, if you get stuck, you can always call our bilingual operator toll-free +1 (312) 252-0005 and have her dial the number for you. She will stay online and interpret your conversation if necessary.

* Which messages count? Please note that in these instances we count only the letters that you paid to be translated. So her introductory letter that we translate free of charge does not count. Note that while you pay only when you open her messages to you but not vice versa, the fee that you pay actually covers the translation of both your messages to her and her messages to you.