Do you know that Russian women look after themselves well and have the best sex appeal in the world? This has been proved to be true by many dating experts around the world, as evidenced by many pick-up artists who only date Russian girls. Since Russian beauties are the hottest on the planet, you must up your game and boost your own sex appeal as well, if you would like to date women from Russia.

Wear black if you have a limited budget

Many young men do not have money to waste, so they wonder what they should wear if they want to look attractive. Well, the easiest way to look good is to wear black because this color looks expensive, sophisticated and posh, even if you only spend $30 on your entire outfit. Also, you must make sure your clothes fit you well. Avoid shirts and jeans that are too big.

Live like a billionaire

Even if you are not even a millionaire (not even close to that), you can still live like a billionaire. Honestly, you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you want to live like a billionaire. Read Donald Trump’s book Think like a Billionaire and you will see Donald Trump doesn’t buy the most expensive stuff. Instead, the most famous billionaire in the world buys Head & Shoulders shampoo from the supermarket. In other words, the best products are not always the most expensive products. And you can certainly buy some good clothes when they are on sale. Don’t look for excuses for why you can’t wear good clothes. Whatever you look for you’ll find. Also, never use a soap. If a Russian lady goes to your place and notices the soap dish in the bathroom, she would be disgusted due to the hygiene concern. Therefore, you would be well-advised to buy a bottle of liquid soap and put it in your bathroom. (Think five-star hotel).

Talk slowly when you are interacting with a girl from Russia

Talking too fast indicates you are just another loser who are too nervous while talking to a hot woman. Hence, you should slow down and use your “bedroom eyes” when you talk to a hot Russian girl. Think loving thoughts in your head while your eyes are “travelling” on her face – you look at her eyes, her nose and her lips in slow motion. That’s what a romantic movie looks like, so your Russian beauty has seen enough chick flicks to know what that means.

Introduce touch early

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to touch her. You should touch her early in the interaction. For instance, you can give her a hug when you meet her on your first date. You can give her a high-five when she laughs at your jokes. This relaxes you quickly so you can physically escalate more easily later on.

Speak with a lower pitch

Studies show that men with a lower pitch are perceived as high status, powerful, attractive and sexy. Interestingly, research in the United States indicates that when there are two male candidates competing for the president of the US, nine times out of ten the person with a lower pitch wins the election because people associate a lower pitch with trustworthiness. Similarly, you can also practice the way you talk and try to speak with a lower pitch, so that the beauty from Russia can be seduced by you sufficiently.