It goes without saying that your correspondence is crucial in your further relationship with a Russian bride. It is a start of everything. You can intrigue, interest or frustrate a woman even with your initial letter. So, it is better to take the most of the power of the word, don’t you agree?

First of all you need to know that all Russian women these days have internet access and can use e-mail even if they don’t own a computer. There is a plenty of internet cafes on the territory of post Soviet countries. Since it is very fast and easy to send e-mails, many men send the same cliché letters to dozens of women and women grow tried when reading the same sort of letters again and again.

So, if you want to impress a Russian lady, you need to send her a ‘real’ letter. Yes, it will take 2-4 weeks for the letter to get to Russia by airmail, but this way you may get confident your letter will be unique and the lady will know this letter was addressed to her only.

If you don’t want to wait long, then you can use special courier service that will allow delivering your letter in a matter of 4-7 days. Here you will also get an option to send more than just a letter – a card, a booklet about the place you live in; this can be anything allowing you to express yourself. Bear in mind that Russian women constantly experience lack of romance, so everything is in your hands!

If you are expecting to get a prompt reply, ask your lady to reply fast. Usually, it takes much time for Russian women to write letters since they take time to think of what to write and put it beautifully together; besides this it takes time to put it well in a foreign language.

However, before you find the one to impress, you will write to many ladies and it is better to use e-mail for this. The trick here is not only to get responses from the ladies, but to get enough of them to have plenty of choice.

You never know how many letters you will write before you will meet your one and only. You can be very lucky and meet your special one form the first letter, or can send out hundreds of letters before stop on that special one. However, the result depends completely on you and the efforts you put into your search.

You need to know that it is normal to get 10-20% response, this means if you get 1-2 positive responses of 10 , then you are doing well and if more – fantastic!

If you are young and handsome, you will get more responses naturally. However, never choose a too young lady for you, this will ensure you get more responses.

Remember that if you ask for a response you are most likely to get it, even if the lady is not interested in you. It works well with Russian women, if you want something, just ask!

If you want to make your letter readable for most of Russian women or make sure she understands everything you wanted to say in your letter, you need to use translation too. Be sure that Russian ladies, no matter how well they speak English would be pleased to receive letter in their native language. If you send a letter in lady’s native language, be sure it will be read 100%. You can express yourself and not worry you would be misunderstood. A great piece of advice is translating your first letter. You can translate it once and then send out to all the women you find interesting. If you have such a possibility or the site offer’s translation service, it is good to always reply in Russian. Bear in mind that soft translation is horrible and it is better not to use it.

If you don’t get a reply from the Russian lady you like for a while you can send a copy of your first letter letting her know it is a copy and you want to make sure if she has received your first letter since you haven’t herd from her.

It is also worthwhile to mention that some men do get 90-100% responses, but this totally depends on you.