Understanding what Russian women need is definitely paramount if your goal is to marry a Russian bride. In this article, you will learn exactly what motivates a typical Russian girl and how you can make her needs work for you!

The most important needs of a single Russian lady are attention and affection. No matter she is 18 or 81, she definitely needs these two elements in her life. Russian girls evaluate men by how much they care. Women have very strong intuition, so they are able to see past your external appearance and look into your heart when you are interacting with them.

The most powerful need of a single Russian woman is respect. A young and inexperienced woman may only want attention and affection, but a mature woman from Russia definitely understands the significance of respect. Therefore, you have to show some respect when you are dating an experienced Russian beauty. The best way to show your respect is to be 100% captivated by her as a person without interrupting her. Allow yourself to be completely fascinated by the Russian lady you are talking to.

Instead of trying very hard to impress her, learn to be impressed by her. Many men make this mistake: They work hard in order to impress women and hope women will like them because of that. Sadly, that is not the right way to attract hot women from Russia. If you are dating a Russian beauty, you must let her impress you. When she tells you some good ideas and fascinating opinions, you should say, “I’m impressed”. Now she will find you to be very charming because you are giving her the chance to chase you.mature woman from Russia

Learn mirroring and matching. In Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), there is a concept called “mirroring”, i.e. when you go on a dinner date with a woman and you see her ordering a soup as the appetizer for dinner, you should also order a soup. This behavior will make her unconsciously like you more because she may perceive you as someone on the same wavelength with her without you saying anything at this stage.

When you talk to your Russian girlfriend on the phone, make sure you smile. She can feel it if you are smiling while talking to her on the phone. This alone will change the dynamics in the interaction. She will immediately feel appreciated and approved by you.

Always end your email with her name. In a woman’s opinion, the most beautiful word in the world is her name! If you mention her name often, she will like you more. This technique is very easy to implement because it requires very little effort. If you communicate with a Ukrainian lady via email, you should begin the email with her name and also end it with her name, so the email should look like this: Dear Natasha, ………… Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Natasha. Yours, Mike