Today many men choose to marry gorgeous Russian women . Many of them say they are extremely happy and have strong, harmonious marriages. Doesn’t this sound attractive? Yes it is! However, international marriage is something that will work out for everyone. Before marrying a Russian woman, you need to be aware about all positive and negative sides of this marriage. So, what to wait from the marriage with a Russian lady?

The first thing to be prepared for is a language barrier. Most of Russian ladies don’t speak foreign languages or the level of their knowledge leaves much to be desired. Communication is very important in any relationship and good communication is the key to success. However, how can one carry out a good communication, when there is no common language for this? This is a great challenge and you need to be very patient to each other. It will take your time and efforts to learn each other’s languages and the time will pass before you two will learn to speak a foreign language well.

Differences in culture and mentality will only add to the tension in your marriage. You will be the one, who will help his wife with easier adaptation for the new country, culture, etc. This will require your time, attention, patience and openness. Your wife will also need to be very patient and try to behave as native in your country. The faster she will get into your society and speak your language, the better she will feel and the more harmonious your relationship will become. However, this requires much time and super patience on both parties.

Another great challenge you will face is your wife being home sick. As a rule, Russian women, who immigrate to other countries, want to come back home having met all the hurdles of the new life in a new country, speaking a new language, leading a new life style! Some of them actually leave the county in a year or two after immigration. The main idea is to come through this together to cope with everything as one. Make sure, your wife doesn’t spend much time on her own, make sure she watches your local TV programs, meets new friends and is able to contact her friends and family via the phone or Skype. It is also good, if you two can visit her home land from time to time.

Financial challenge is also what waits you in a marriage with a Russian woman . Russian women work in Russia and have their own money for their needs. Naturally, your Russian wife won’t work right away when she arrives to your country, that is why make sure she has her own money for her needs so that she feels comfortable at a new place. Remember that begging for money is humiliating for any nation, but especially, Russian.

Yes, a marriage with a Russian girl will require much work, patience, tolerance and understanding at the first stage. However, you will be rewarded for this by a cozy home hearth, tidy house, delicious meals, children taken care of, and passionate nights of love; supportive and loyal friend and partner by your side, faithful, loving and caring wife and much more. Get ready to be met at the door, kissed before you leave and arrive home, comfort at home, etc. Russian woman will come with you through thick and thin, share everything and make you smile, no matter what. What else do you think you need?!