It is a general rule that Russian women mature earlier than their counterparts in Western countries. At the age of 20-22 they are ready for family creation. In the West you will hardly find a lady willing to tie the knot at such an early stage of life. This is one of the reasons why Russian women prefer older mature men from the Western countries.

When it comes to the international marriages, 10-15 years age gap is not uncommon. As a rule, such marriages are very harmonious, long-lasting and very successful. Russian women like maturity, intelligence and men, in their turn, value, youth and beauty.

Russian women choose older men, since they are family-oriented and it is very important for them to find a man, who would be able to support and provide for their future family; the one, who would offer stability, respect and love. One of the well-spread stereotypes among Russian women is that older men usually make better husbands and fathers that is why so many Russian ladies tend to choose men, who are at least a bit older than them.

Thus, age difference of 5-15 years between man and woman in international marriages is considered normal. Many of the men, who are registered at various dating sites to find the lady of their dreams are surprised to be contacted by much younger attractive Russian women and cannot believe they can be interesting for them. Many of them start suspecting such Slavic brides of scam and lose a chance to become happy with a young attractive wife. This happens due to the fact that the marriages with such an age gap in the USA are beyond reality. In case with Russian women it is ok, since they mature earlier in comparison to Western girls that are still teenagers at the age of 20-22. Russian women mature earlier due to the difficulties life has to offer on the territory of the post Soviet Union countries. Difficulties, experiences and age add to the maturity that is why older Western men attract younger Russian girls and this is quite normal.

Marriages with 25 years and more difference also exist and some of them really work. However, you need to be aware of the fact that such marriages are at high risks with further complications and problems when a man gets old and a woman is still young and energetic. Such marriages can work only on condition of great number of common interests and likings. You need to realize that it is hard to make the marriage work between the representatives of two different generations. Even if you experience deep and passionate love at first stage of your marriage, bear in mind that romance wears off with time and other things are required to keep you two together. So, if your aim is a life-time commitment, you need to take age difference in consideration.

At the same time, not every Russian woman wants to have an older husband. There are many happy couples when men are the same age with their wives or are even slightly younger. Your future wife is your choice, and when taking a great decision of your life to marry you need to listen not only to your heart, but also common sense to make your marriage last.