Are you looking for a hot woman who has beauty and brains? In fact, good-looking women are everywhere. If you go to Russia, you will see attractive girls in every street. You’ll feel like a 5-year-old boy in a candy shop.

But how can you meet Russian women with both beauty and brains?

Go to a university campus and pick up Russian girls

University campuses are the best place to meet young, beautiful and intelligent women who are very likely to be single and looking for love. In Russia, education is highly valued by the general public, so many girls in Russia go to university. Therefore, you would be well-advised to visit a university campus in Russia and chat up girls there. Because you are a native speaker of English, most Russian ladies will be very happy to talk to you – it’s an opportunity for them to practice English. That’s why you have an unfair advantage!

Go to a bookstore and chat up ladies

Bookstores are quite common in Russia because online shopping isn’t that popular in that country. Hence, you should go to a bookstore in Russia and meet Russian beauties. Women who go to bookstores are interested in reading, so apparently, they value knowledge and learning. Thus, if you are looking for a Russian wife with brains, definitely go to meet her in a Russian bookstore. You can easily assess a woman’s physical attractiveness, and the bookstore is the filter when it comes to women’s intelligence and wisdom!looking for a Russian girlfriend

Visualize an ideal woman

Modern psychology claims that visualization is very powerful because it can help you make your dreams come true faster. That’s law of attraction backed up by science. So, while you are looking for a Russian girlfriend, you should visualize an ideal woman’s image. Which female celebrities have beauty and brains at the same time? Well, there are some intelligent movie stars such as Meghan Markle and Natalie Portman. Having an ideal woman’s image in your head is the prerequisite of finding the right wife, because if you don’t even know what you want, how can you achieve your goal? You can even print off an ideal woman’s photo and put it on your wall. You’ll be surprised when you notice how fast results come to find you!

Join a Russian women dating site and filter women

When you are on a Russian women dating website, remember to pay attention to each single Russian woman’s profile: What’s her education background? What’s her profession? What are her interests? These are just as important as how hot she looks in her profile photo! In fact, these are probably more important than how hot she is because her youth and beauty won’t stay with her forever, but her wisdom and intelligence can’t change! Also, if you turn off the lights at night, her looks won’t be that important anymore, as every woman looks the same and fucks in the same way when the lights are off anyway! If you like this article, remember to bookmark this blog on your computer so that you can watch this space and get more inspiration regularly. We will share more Russian dating tips and tricks soon!