Russian brides are very popular among the men from all countries. You may wonder why. Present article will answer your question.

Russian women are beautiful

For sure not all Russian women possess model-like appearance. You may read in many articles on the web that Russian women are all beautiful. It is not so. The beauty of Russian girls lies in the fact that they bother to look good and attractive. Any woman can look beautiful if she puts efforts to look this way.

Besides, a beauty of a Russian woman lies in her humble womanly nature; Russian women, as a rule, are good wives and mothers. Thus, Russian women are both beautiful on the outside and inside. Russian women in their majority are slim, since they eat small portions of food and simply cannot afford to buy everything they want in the shop. Most of Russian women can boast toned bodies as they walk a lot, since they don’t have cars. Russian women prefer to wear feminine and stylish clothes.

Russian women are intelligent and educated

Statistics shows that about 90% of Russian women, who post their ads to international on-line dating agencies, have college or university degrees. This is easily explainable as over 60 % of female Russian population has graduated from colleges or universities, since it was mandatory during USSR times. And these are mostly highly educated women, who start thinking to get married a man from abroad, as many of them know English, at list at intermediate level.

Statistics also shows that in general people in Russia have better general knowledge in comparison to the West, though the system of education is better developed in Western countries. Russian people read more than average Western people, the books are cheap and Russia has a great reading habit that still hasn’t been replaced by computer games. Besides, Russians are very inventive and smart since always use their brain to survive in tough economic situation in the country.

Russian women still keep traditional family values

Russian women treasure traditional family values. They are brought up with the focus on family. A successful Russian woman is a woman, who is married and has children. No fulfilling work or successful career can substitute this need of having a family in life of a Russian woman.

Western men can marry a younger woman

Russian women prefer older men as they are more stable, mature and know what they want from life. Most of Russian ladies accept age difference of up to 15 years. A bigger age difference in marriage also exists, but only some marriages with really big age gap work out. Russian women want a stable man to feel secure and know that he will take care of family and children that is why many Russian women look for older men.

Russian women are marriage oriented

Russian women look for marriage and family. They are raised this way as it was said previously. They just cannot see their life complete without being married and having children. Family is a number one priority in life of Russian women.

Russian women enjoy being women

Russian women are quite different from Western in this respect; they like being attractive, feminine and like when man is ‘in charge’ of the relationship. Even a strong independent woman needs a male shoulder to lean against and feel womanly week.