Many men, who are registered with Russian dating services travel to post Soviet countries to meet Slavic brides they have gotten to know on-line. Many of them are successful to meet a life-time partner, but some come back again and again. However, the first trip to the Post Soviet area is a nerve wrecking experience and the majority of men would like to know what to expect on a first date with a Russian lady. The present article provides you with some most frequent things you will face when travelling to meet your Russian bride.

Your Russian bride may be late. Bear in mind that Slavic women like to look their best; especially if they are going for a date, so don’t get surprised if your Russian bride doesn’t show up in time. Your Russian woman will be concerned to look her best to provide the best first impression on you, so she will spend some time on her hair style, make up, select the best outfit and maybe even will change several outfits in front of the mirror before going out. This is absolutely normal and as a result she maybe late. However, this is also a reminder to you to get ready for the date and present yourself in the best light. You may also think of wearing a suit.

A good piece of advice is to arrange a taxi cab for your Russian bride. You need to know that most of the Russian girls don’t own cars and to get to the place of meeting, they will use public transportation that can cause them being late. Taxis are very affordable in most of the post Soviet countries and are much faster in comparison to public transportation. Besides, your Russian bride will be impressed by such a gentleman gesture from you.

Remember that your Russian bride expects respect. Bear in mind that a Russian woman expects her man to treat her as a lady. So, it will be helpful to recollect traditional moves: opening doors, offering your coat if she is cold, pooling out chairs, helping your lady with the upper clothes, etc. Even most independent and strong Russian woman likes old-fashioned courting style that makes her feel special. It is also very important to refrain from intimate topics on a first date with a Russian lady.

You need to have a backup plan. You never know what can happen during your trip to your Russian bride. Some girls get cold feet, get busy at work, schools, by home obligations, change their minds, etc. So, it is recommended to have some other ladies in your mind that you can meet if things go not the way you have envisioned before. You can also find local marriage agencies that can help you meet other ladies interested in getting married to a foreigner.

Make sure you have good communication! Communication is the key to success in any relationship; the better communication is the faster that emotional rapport is being created. If the Russian ladies you meet don’t speak English well, you will need to use translator’s services. Make sure you become friends with translators. It is also a good idea to learn several Russian phrases to compliment your Russian bride, order some food, etc. This will help you and your Russian lady will feel special, since you made an effort to speak her native language for her. Such a trip can change your life forever!