Are you a competent dater? I’m not asking a question about whether you are competent in bed or not. I’m asking whether you have the dating skills to get a Russian woman and keep her. If you are not sure, please keep reading this article.

True confidence is backed up by competence

It’s not hard to fake confidence, but you can only fake surface-level confidence, i.e. how you walk, how you talk, how you dress, etc. That being said, surface-level confidence is also important because it gives you the right impact that you need to have in order to get Russian beauties. Your presence is determined by your surface-level confidence, so it’s actually paramount. However, if you want to gain true confidence, you must have competence, i.e. real skills and capabilities.girls from Russia will respect

Cultivate your competence by learning new knowledge and honing new skills

Your love life is more important than you think. In fact, although most men don’t talk about their love lives with their friends, statistics show that men’s happiness is mainly determined by their love lives rather than their careers. Yes, your career can give you satisfaction and a sense of achievement, but at the end of the day, if you have nobody to share your success with, then what’s the point of being successful? Also, although you can masturbate, that can never replace the moisture, wetness and tightness of a Russian pussy, right? Psychologists claim that the real drive that makes men want to be high achievers is sex drive: When you have conquered the world, you will be able to get any woman in the world, so of course, you will get Russian stunners. Therefore, you would be well-advised to learn some dating skills daily. Ideally, you should keep a journal called “my dating strategies”. That’s the best way to measure your progress in your love life.

External confidence influences internal confidence

Though core confidence is the most important part, it doesn’t mean external confidence is not significant. In fact, external confidence is also very powerful. Research shows that when a person dresses differently, he/she behaves differently because the outer appearance influences the inner thoughts and feelings.

As a result, you should get rid of your dull clothes and buy some new outfits. Investing in high-quality clothes is actually a very smart move because if you look at cost per wear, a luxury outfit is probably cheaper. For instance, a pair of Hugo Boss shoes may cost you $500, but it can last for at least one decade. In contrast, if you buy a pair of shoes from Kmart ($30), it can only last for one year maximum. Meanwhile, you derive a lot of joy, pride and confidence by wearing a pair of Hugo Boss shoes (and girls from Russia will respect you more because you look like a high achiever); nevertheless, you don’t derive anything extra from a pair of Kmart shoes. Try this technique, and you will feel the difference. By the way, ladies from Russia dress very well in general, so you don’t want to look bad when you are with your Russian girlfriend.

Become a good conversationalist

A major study suggests that a confident man is usually also a good conversationalist. Hence, if you are able to have intelligent conversations with women from Russia, chances are you’ll be very successful with Russian ladies. You can read books such as “How to Talk to Anyone” and “How to Instantly Connect with Anyone”. Remember: Knowledge is not power; implementing knowledge is power. Thus, you need to use what you have read as soon as possible – that’s the best way to reinforce your knowledge and skills immediately.