Russian women are in more and more demand among Western men, in their turn, Western men are highly popular among Slavic brides. Why this tendency is growing at present age? We will try to answer this question.

The reasons why Russian women are seeking to get married to the men from the Western countries are numerous. The most spread reason of why so many Russian women join international marriage agencies is their unpleasant experience of a relationship with the men from their home land. Being unlucky in their home countries, Russian women broaden up the horizons for searching their destiny somewhere else.

Second very significant reason is that statistics shows that in Russia, Ukraine and many other countries of Post Soviet territory there are only 87-89 men for 100 women! Speaking about Russia, there are ten million more women then men. So, the poor 10 million women must look for a husband abroad not to stay single for the rest of their lives. The fact that the women drastically outnumber men in Russia is easily explainable by the World War II, Stalin’s repressions, etc, during which men constituted 90% of all killed population.

Besides this, another reason is that Russian ladies get an option of better quality life when looking for a partner abroad. Also a new country is a great chance to start their family life with the blank page. However, these are not the chief reasons of why Russian women look for a husband in Western countries.

Most of the Russian brides believe that their special someone is waiting for them somewhere out. That is why Russian women are not afraid of difference in cultures, possible hardships connected to the movement to another country as they believe their husband will hold them through any difficulties.

It is also worthwhile to mention that many Russian women don’t have realistic expectations about living abroad; however, their natural ability to adapt to the new environment makes them easily face the challenges and settling down in a foreign country.

Another interesting question is why Russian women fail to find happiness with local men?

Most likely, after a very unpleasant experience with the men from their home countries Russian women have formed an opinion, a stereotype about Russian men that is far from being positive. Unfortunately, this is quite natural as Russian ladies can follow this stereotyped behavior quite frequently. It goes without saying that good and bad men exist in every country, and there are good men in Russia too, but to find a good man, who is not married or is not in a relationship is rather difficult.

Another reason, why so many Russian ladies cannot meet a man in their country is the fact they cannot easily change the environment they live in. For most of the Russian women life has turned into a routine with lack of time and small funds that practically don’t allow Russian women go out and meet new people, including the partner of their dreams.

That is why many Russian women find an alternative of finding their future husband. They post their profiles on international on-line dating services. Though it is sort of a passive way to look for a Western partner, but it works as both sides are looking for a favorable outcome.