Russian women are very emotional: They tend to make decisions emotionally and then justify them logically. Therefore, the fundamental principle to charm a Russian girl is to bring some emotive power with your presence.

Make the Russian lady feel important

Bill Clinton is considered the most charming president of the United States. Human dynamics experts claim that Bill Clinton’s charm is created by his behavior: When he is communicating with someone, he makes that individual feel they are the only person in the room. Indeed, the more important you make a Russian beauty feel in your presence, the more charming she will perceive you to be. At the end of the day, every single Russian girl’s deepest craving is the need to feel valuable and valued.attract any woman from Russia

Work on your smile

Smile is an art form that is overlooked by many people. If you want to charm a hot Russian girl out of her reality, you must begin with this first step: Smile like a pro! A charming smile looks like this – it begins from your mouth, and then slowly the smile travels to your eyes. In the end, the smile looks like a flood on your face. That’s an irresistible smile which will attract any woman from Russia.

Show your appreciation and approval

Remember to say thanks often. This will encourage your Russian girlfriend to treat you even better because this is called positive reinforcement. When she is talking to you, you have to listen carefully and show your approval because she isn’t necessarily asking for help whenever she is complaining about something (she just needs your approval).

Give her attention and admiration

All women want male attention, including girls from Russia. When she is talking to you, make sure you look at her eyes all the time. When you are talking to her, you may look elsewhere at times. At the end of each interaction, make sure you imagine some sticky candy between your eyes and her eyes, i.e. you slowly move your eyes away from her. This technique is called “sticky eyes”.

Also, remember to pay her compliments at times. If she is an attractive woman, don’t say, “Oh, you are gorgeous” because she has heard that for one thousand times already. Instead, you should say something like, “Oh, you are very considerate.”

This compliment will actually make you more charming because it’s probably something that only she knows – and now she has found a soulmate as you also know this quality in her. In fact, even if she is not a very considerate woman, the moment you notice her doing something considerate, you should immediately say, “Oh, you are very considerate”, because now she has to make sure her behavior can match this compliment in the future! Again, it’s called positive reinforcement.

Introduce touch early in the interaction

If you are still at the early stage of a relationship with a woman from Russia, you need to touch her early. In this way, any physical contact wouldn’t feel awkward later. You must make her feel that any physical contact with you is natural.

Exposure creates attraction

A study in the United Kingdom suggests that exposure can create attraction. For instance, if you and a Russian beauty work in the same office every day, gradually she might fall in love with you if there isn’t any other man in her life anyway. This is because exposure actually leads to attraction. This rule applies to many situations, e.g. a cruise ship, a Contiki tour, university campus, etc.

If you meet a Russian woman on any of these occasions, you should be confident and approach her because your exposure will probably create attraction quickly. An extreme case is: If you and a Russian beauty are trapped on an island for a year, I can guarantee that she will fuck you simply because of your exposure.