Yes, of course, you need to join Russian women dating sites if your goal is to get a Russian wife. But what else do you need to do online at the same time? Well, you also need to learn more about Russian dating culture as well as women’s psychology. Here is a list of the best websites that you must visit regularly while looking for a Russian bride.

No. 1

iDateAdvice was founded by Curt Coch and has already become the Internet’s leading dating advice website in terms of interracial dating, Russian dating tips and online dating advice. Recently, it has also included broader dating tips and tricks which have helped million of men to find love in this day and age. Unlike other dating advice blogs that want to sell you training programs, iDateAdvice offers all dating advice for free. Yes, every article on that website is completely free to read. That’s why you must bookmark or even make it your homepage if you’d like to marry a Russian bride. join Russian women dating sites

No. 2

YourTango is one of the most popular dating advice websites in the world. It not only teaches you a lot of dating techniques for free, but also discusses new age topics such as zodiac signs, tarot cards, and so on. Better still, most articles on are written by experts and thought leaders. You will see many writers on this website are published authors and well-known columnists. russian online bride new

No. 3 is another phenomenal platform where you can find useful information about getting hot girls. On this site, you can read content such as how to talk to women, how to impress women, how to meet women from other countries (including Russian ladies), how to dump your toxic girlfriend, how to tell if a woman is girlfriend/wife material, and so forth. It is also divided into two sections: dating advice for men and dating advice for women; therefore, you should totally check it out before meeting your Russian beauty. russian sex women new

No. 4

You don’t have to buy this magazine because you can read it online now. publishes useful articles regularly which teaches you what women really want in bed. Although this magazine is for women to read, it’s actually very helpful because it’s like the best cheat sheet in the world – you can understand what women are thinking about and worried about by reading some articles on this website. In this way, you’ll certainly impress your Russian lady in the bedroom.

No. 5 is the most important place online if you’d like to get a Russian stunner, because you will find a lot of information about any subculture here. It’s the most vibrant forum in the entire world. Although social media is extremely popular and forums sound like something in 2001, is the most educational, most useful, most informative forum today. You can’t find anything like this on any social media page because social media pages are all about selling you stuff. In contrast, is about supporting netizens in every single way, including how to marry a wife from Russia. By the way, don’t forget that is also a great source which keeps showing you the best Russian dating strategies. We would like to help everyone who is interested in meeting, attracting and keeping beautiful Russian women, so we keep publishing the best content online. All articles on our website are written by industry leaders, so you know what you read is reliable and trustworthy.