Many Belorussian women of today search for a man from the West for romance, love and marriage. Their phenomenon is not new; it has been developing in matter for several decades. Only over the past ten years over 80 000 of Belorussian brides got married and moved to the United States alone.

Generally, Belorussian women are perceived as very feminine, hot, tender and family-oriented. Many men from the Western counters travel to Belarus and other former Soviet Union countries to find romance, love and wed. They do so due to their own dissatisfaction with their local women and what they have become in a matter of several last decades. They are now too feministic, too much independent, self-focused and materialistic; they even put their careers before family and children. Belorussian brides are the opposite of these women, they will never put career first, they are very feminine, but not feministic, reasonably materialistic and are more sincere with traditional family values, ready to love and accept their husbands just the way they are not willing to alternate them.

Marrying Belarus women

Although being married to a woman from Belorussia has many advantages, many men admit the fact that it is not an easy, but quite a challenging task that takes a lot of hard work on both partners’ behalves. There will always be misunderstandings and problems connected to cultural differences and language barrier. Slavic women can be rather emotional, if compare them to their Western counterparts and this will take some of the time to get used to. You can find it on-line that statistics shows that international marriages of Western men and Slavic ladies last longer than local marriages; this can be a surprising fact, but also a goal to strive to.

Marriage Reasons

Many people stick to the view that hot Belarusian brides are only motivated to marry Western men for financial stability and consequently call them “Gold diggers”. Definitely, it is not true as you can run across the same “gold diggers” in your location, your city and your own country. You may wonder why these amazingly attractive women search for a husband abroad. The reasons to these are many; you can find about them on-line, there are many articles dedicated to this topic. Many also consider that the men looking for a bride from a former Soviet country are desperate and are ‘losers’ to find a lady in their homeland, and again it is a false statement as everyone has his own reasons for their search of a dream bride abroad.

Bottom Line

This article aims at breaking the stereotype that all Slavic brides look to marry foreign men due to financial reasons, green card or passport. You can witness the fact if you check the statistics that there are many happy marriages between Slavic women and Western men all over the world. You can check the high rates of divorces in Western Europe, the USA and Canada. If you fall in love with a Belorussian girl and it is mutual, your marriage most likely will be long-term. If you are successful to find your special one among these beautiful ladies then you make all of your friends envious about you and your beautiful bride. It is a common fact that Slavic brides invade the West and Western men are happy to give in. You can become one of these happy Western men living in a harmonious stable family with traditional values. Leave all your prejudices and stereotyping for others and dare to become happy today! Thousands of beautiful ladies from Belorussia have posted their profiles on local international dating sites looking for someone like you.