Yes, you have the hots for a Russian girl, but here is the problem: she is your co-worker. What should you do?

Be a social extrovert at your workplace

If you are a social person in general in the company, people are more likely to accept your personality and like you because of that. But if you are only talkative in front of the Russian lady you like, or if you are only an extrovert when you are interacting with women in the company, then people will begin to say, “He is that type of guy!” Therefore, you’d better become a social person in front of everybody – that’s how you set up the right image in the first place.

Organize a Happy Hour after work

Don’t do it on Friday afternoon when everyone has other plans already. You should do it on a Wednesday afternoon when almost no one has planned anything at night and everyone is bored by the long week. So, at about 4 o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, you can say this to people in your office, “Let’s go to get some drinks downstairs in XYZ pub after work today!” Inviting everyone to the Happy Hour makes you look like a high-value guy.

When the Russian beauty that you have a crush on is also at your Happy Hour, be patient. Firstly, you can flirt with her in the pub (not in the office) because now she is more receptive and relaxed when she is in a pub. Secondly, you shouldn’t isolate her when other co-workers are still around & never walk out of the pub with her while holding her hand because that will make you look like a freaking pick up artist. What you should do instead is to wait until everyone else of this cohort has left the party. In fact, because it’s a Wednesday night, most people want to go home early. But while you are flirting with the Russian stunner, you can plant the seed early by saying, “Let’s get a pizza later. I know a very cool pizza shop. You will love it!” Naturally, other co-workers will gradually leave the pub. So, now only you and the girl from Russia are left in the pub. That’s exactly what you want.

Get a pizza with the beauty from Russia and take her home or go to her house

Now you can get a pizza with her and then either take her to your place or go to her place with her. Of course, once you are in the same house with her, you need to physically escalate slowly. Be patient first because you don’t want to look like a needy loser. Hence, you should talk to her in a fun and playful way first, and then you can escalate physically later.

Talk about how the situation should be managed after sleeping with her

Once you’ve had sex with this lady from Russia, you must talk about how you’d like to manage the situation. For instance, you can say, “Let’s keep this between you and me because it’s none of others’ business. Actually, it’s more fun if we share a secret together.” Don’t be afraid to talk about this with the Russian woman because most women from Russia are very honest and don’t like playing games. They will totally appreciate it if you can be candid with them. Usually, they are very cool and can handle situations like this very well. You can even say, “Wow. Now we are just as cool as the guy and the gal from House of Cards!” She will laugh and think you are really funny.

Still think about the potential consequences

In fact, if you don’t have good game, you shouldn’t hook up with a Russian lady who is also your co-worker. A guy who has just started learning game should go to nightclubs to practise his skills because nightclubs have the most eligible leads. A guy with advanced game should definitely hook up with a co-worker because the workplace is for advanced pick up artists. I even know a guy who is a lecturer at university and he hooked up with his student! If you don’t have advanced game, maybe you don’t want to lose your job by practising your lousy game on a co-worker.