This is far one of the most troublesome issues that worries foreigners when they are looking for their Russian wives. There is no secret that lots of men just get abandoned by their partners whenever the latter achieve what they needed. However, if we take a closer look at the situation, we shall see that the proper men are the ones who can be blamed for their plights as they do not know how to get along with Russian brides. Nevertheless, the article will also explain some basic behavioural expectations of Russian women, thus, helping you not to cross the red line. Let’s get it started!

If you just search the web, you will be startled by the number of unhappy stories of Westerners who happened to marry Russian girls and they just got abandoned and even ha to split their property after the divorce. Anyone who is listening, reading or even witnessing such terrible scenarios, will be terrified and probably like to abstain from his previous intentions of getting married to Russian women. Let us consider the issue seriously. First of all, there are lots of stories in the media when men had gotten abandoned by their wives and partners even several times. Those were not necessarily Russians. So, the question arises, what is the general mistake which is made by men? There are several mistakes not just one.

To begin with, if you expect to marry an 18-year-old girl from Russian, while you are an over 50-year-old guy, then you are quite likely to find yourself in the same situation and start complaining afterwards that Russian women are gold diggers and only want money and leave Russia for a better country. It is who is culpable for making a wrong choice. Let us explain it briefly. It does not actually matter whether you marry an 18-year-old Russian or American girl.

The outcome is likely to be the same – we can hardly imagine a beautiful young lady to fall in love for real with a not really handsome guy in his 50’s. Weird, right? What can be the likely reasons that make young girls marry significantly older men?! Well, money is the most likely answer. Whenever they get what they want, they can separate and divorce and find much younger guys for themselves.

The general mistake that old men commit is to think that they are so attractive that ladies are falling because of their supernatural beauty or their intimate skills and experience. You are totally wrong, then. A younger guy will always be better than you and you cannot deny it. Just stop fooling yourself. Be realistic. You either want a peaceful and stable life with a reliable partner or want to spend time with young beauties who only want your money and receive pleasure because of your status and not your skills.

At the same time, if you accept it and look for a woman with a 15-year difference, then you might actually find one who will truly be in love with you and you will be the best for her. You will finally be able to fulfil your dream of being together with someone who will honestly love you.

Apart from selecting the right age, you have to possess several male qualities that are highly valued by Russian wives. The very first characteristic is that you need to be a genuine husband which means that you have to ready to take responsibility for your family.

Unfortunately, the majority of men who are even 50 years old, have proven unable to deal with usual family-related issues and their families broke down. Another feature is to be attentive to your wife or even children, if you happen to have some. The most common error is to start spending time with friends or being away constantly, leaving Russian wives alone. The very temper of Russians cannot stand loneliness. When a woman gets married, she dreams about happy days that you will spend together, but when it proves to be otherwise, she becomes depressed and eventually breaks up with her husband. Try to spend as much time as you can with her. Show that you want to take care of her. In response, you will get so much love and tender that you cannot even think of. Russian wives alone

One more important note to make – Russian wives hate the western-styled relationships. Let’s us consider a typical example which you can see extensively in the UK. A normal family which consists of a man and a woman who are married to each other. After their honeymoon, they get back to work.

They start spending less time together, and both are solely concerned with their day-to-day problems, mainly in their job. However, they do not even share their worries and burdens. It looks like they have their personal space and live separate lives without allowing the other one to intervene. The whole family life is reduced to intimate moments and that is it. These are cold and dry relationships. Eventually, both find friends to spend time with and may even end up divorcing. Russian women hate this type of families. They want to be part of your life and live it together, and not separately. Beware of that!

Last but not least, if we have already mentioned the UK, it is crucial to clarify the racial state of affairs. Great Britain is well known for having racism-related problems for ages. It is actually the birthplace of the Social Darwinism. Russian is a different story. It has never been a racist country, but still some conditions do exist. The latter require to take a closer look at Russian ladies’ attitude towards interracial marriages.