It’s a rather baffling question, isn’t it? Chill out, there is nothing to be afraid of, even if it seems so to you at the moment. Maybe you’ve heard some terrible stories about cruel and angry Russian women (and Russian in general), or some fake statements that it is difficult to make a Russian wife happy. These are simply untrue and farfetched. You can pretty easily discover what do Russian women expect from their foreign men? Not a doubt that there may be considerable differences between Russian women and their fellow ladies from the West, but it does not imply that Russians are not human beings and want something different. This article is devoted to dispersing those dreadful stereotypes that you have come across with.

The very first general assumption is that Russian women are somehow not interested in doing the things that other ladies do, like shopping or chatting. Just bear in mind that they are the very same human beings, they do have the same sort of personality as the rest of women. They simply adore shopping and love chatting with their friends. Russian brides are truly shopaholics and chatterboxes.

However, if you only treat them in the same way as the Western ladies you have gotten used to, then the Russians may feel insecure and misunderstand your intentions. For instance, Russian brides love spending time with their beloved men, unlike the majority of Western girls who would prefer their friends instead of boyfriends. Therefore, in case you do not feel like you are prepared to spend as much time as you can with your Russian bride, it may prove to be disastrous because you will be the centre of her life and all her thoughts will be with you all the time. If you do not spend enough time with her and live a separate life without any connection with hers, then you may end up in a break-up. Remember, Russian women do want to get as much attention as they can from their boyfriends and husbands. Also, you are not recommended to get married and then just forget about your wife simply because she is with you now.

We can add another positive feature of Russian brides – extreme modesty and shyness. It might seem strange to you, but let’s take a closer look at what we actually mean. If you have spent some time with Western women, you probably know that the overwhelming majority of them thinks that they are queens and no one else matters apart from them. The best option would be their children. The situation is completely the opposite in Russia.

Here, women will never dare to think of themselves as some kind of goddesses. They are taught to respect men and put their husbands at the first place. That can be of a great advantage to you. To be honest, this is quite dangerous in Russia because such qualities do not let Russian women leave bad husbands because they start to think that no one else will love them. So, treat them accordingly and you will see that Russian brides are truly the undisputed queens of the female world.

Apart from that, you cannot deny that Russian women are stylish, beautiful and well-groomed. This particular characteristic is the result of the aforementioned modesty and the demographic male crisis of Russia – there are much more women than men in this country. Therefore, girls are afraid of being alone and unable to find themselves their love. So, you are advised to keep noticing your girlfriend’s physical beauty and tell it to her because, otherwise, she may fall into desperation, thinking that you do not like her.

Certainly, there is no way that we are going to miss out sense of humour. Russian women do appreciate fine jokes and love to spend time with those men who can keep them entertained. Nonetheless, it is still necessary to find answers to the question, what kind of sense of humour Russian girls have? It is quite different to the one you have gotten used to.

One last important feature which you can contemplate in the majority of Russian brides is their devotion to their husbands which they also expect from their soulmates. Every single Russian girl is dreaming about having family and children. That is what happiness means for her. Therefore, she will never trade this for some kind of fun and excitement. The same is, however, expected from men. You should also show your devotion and love to her, so that she does not stress out and worry about anything.

So, as you can see there is nothing impossible. Moreover, no special and supernatural things are required from you. The only thing which is needed is your dedication and will to be happy. The rest will come at the right moment.