You may wonder why more and more Western men are looking for Russian women to marry. To answer your question, you need to know who Russian women are. Why they are so good for marriage? And what attracts Western men to Slavic brides? In the present article we will try to provide an answer to the question: “Who is a true Russian woman?”

It is obvious that every lady on earth is unique; however there are still common qualities that women of this or that nationality, upbringing, education, etc. possess. No, no, this is not stereotyping, this is just describing. You need to realize sober that all women are different and you will hardly meet two ladies alike even within Russians. Still, there are common features that most of Slavic women possess. This runs in their blood vessels, they are brought up this way.

Russian women are nice looking ladies, who know how to take care of themselves, and even if a Russian woman is not a drop-dead beauty, she will make much of her look and will show herself in a special charming and alluring light. For sure, you will meet many model-like beauties in the streets of Russia and other post Soviet Union countries. Certain charm, style and right manner to present them is what makes real Russian women different from the rest of the women from all over the world.

Real Russian women are educated, polite and know how to treat their man right. Since the childhood Russian girls are brought up with the idea, that family is the centre of their life and being a successful woman means not having a good job or making a striking career, but have a happy family. That is why these women put so much effort in finding the right partner and creating a cozy home hearth.

Marrying a real Russian woman be sure you will always look tidy, be perfectly fed, have a clean house and children taken care of. Russian women make great friends, reliable partners, passionate lovers and loving wives and mothers. Russian women are great interlocutors and you can always find a topic to discuss with them. You will never get bored.

Real Russian brides are caring, loving, attentive and devoted, but expect the same from their future husbands and it makes sense as they require mutuality and equality in a family life. True Russian women look for devoted men, who make loyal husbands and fathers. The man for a real Russian lady must be responsible and sober in his approach and responsibilities. For sure, no alcoholics or womanizers are accepted. It is simply foolish to expect Russian women to accept abuse from foreigners. A true Russian woman has pride and dignity and will never let her man diminish her in any way. A real Russian woman will never move to another country for the same old, she has in her country in excess. As well as men, they look for better. Don’t think a Russian woman will accept any man, just because he is from the West.

True Russian women are looking for a foreign husband with better character and better traits than some local men. Agree that it is foolish to cross oceans for less finer personal life. When the choice is well made then the rewards are more.