Finding common things to talk about and laugh at, is essential for all types of relationships and especially for marriage. However, this particular point may seem so silly even to mention, but it proves to be very important when it comes to mutual understanding and time-killing. It can also be very productive when you brood over being friends with females. Honestly, making friends with Russian women is easier than you think and humour is very important. You have maybe heard of couples that broke up simply because they had nothing in common or could not find those topics that would be interesting to both of them. Sense of humour is also extremely important, even if it seems not to be so. You also probably know stories of couples when one of the two tells a joke or an anecdote and the other one does not laugh at it, or simply pretends to smile, making the other one feel uncomfortable or even stupid. Think of a scenario when you want to watch a comedy and you find it funny, but your girlfriend thinks that it is stupid and your sense of humour is terrible. So, this seemingly meaningless thing may be the decisive factor which determines whether you will be together or not. What about the Russian girls’ sense of humour, then?

To begin with, it is necessary to recall the society in which Russian women live. For a Westerner, it may seem a hard reality where everyone is always angry and unfriendly. You can barely find someone smiling at a person they don’t know or laughing in public places because if some people start doing so, it is generally regarded not as a great sense of humour or happiness, but as someone wants to show off and is quite aggressive. Generally, it is the right description. So, if you have been to Russia and have not seen many people smiling, even in shops or restaurants, it is simply unacceptable to smile in public. Yes, if you meet someone you know or you spend time together, you must laugh and smile. Therefore, when you meet a Russian girl and she prefers not to smile or laugh when you are in public, this is simply because it is not accepted.

At the same time, you also must remember one very important feature of the Russian women – they will never laugh or smile without a reason. Obviously, if someone has taken drugs or drunken alcohol, they can start behaving themselves in very awkward ways and laughing at absolutely everything. However, it is not possible in Russia under normal circumstances. Every time you want to make your Russian girlfriend smile or laugh, you need to give her a reason to do so. It can be hardly imagined that a Russian female would start laughing at some weird stuff or just because you told her a stupid joke. Beware of that! To be honest, this particular criterion is quite important because Russian brides assess the levels of intelligence of their potential husbands through every day communication, and jokes make a significant part of them. Nonetheless, it is still worth mentioning that whenever girls are in love with guys, they may start to act differently. One of the clearest signs is their laughter at unfunny things and jokes. You may just start telling her an anecdote, and she just sets herself laughing.

You want probably now to know more about the sense of humour itself. To tell the truth, due to the noticeable differences between Russia and the Western society, the senses of humour of the two do differ a lot. However, this should not dissuade you from continuing to date hot Russian girls. The very essence of the Russian humour indicates that Russian women prefer a very fine type of jokes. You would probably consider it to be a dry one, but for Russians it may prove to be really funny. At the same time, Russians from different parts of Russia may have absolutely different types of humour.

Chicks from Moscow will never laugh at jokes made by a person from the Far East of Russia and vice versa. However, there is also another important note to make about Russian humour. If you start telling a joke and start laughing before you finish it, then you will simply spoil everything. Whenever you want to say something funny, just do not start laughing. British people tend to do that, but it is not acceptable for Russians. Just hold on and keep telling it just as if it were not funny at all. They would even add more fun to it.

While talking about sense of humour, we hope that you do realise that every single person is individual, making it hard to come up with general conclusions. We are only allowed to make some assumptions. If you are truly worried about finding common grounds in terms of humour and joint time-killing, it is worth mentioning that there are more things to this, all of which can be summarised in the question, how not to get abandoned by your Russian wife? You see, laughter is not the only way to being happy together. If you are still hesitating whether hot Russian wives are your right option, just give them a try. Do not stress yourself out because of humour. Even if you do prove unlucky in this sense, Russian girls tend to be aware of the considerable differences between the Western and Russian senses of humour. Just relax and be yourself! At the end of the day, the girl who is actually right for you, will never let you feel ashamed or uncomfortable, even if you make a silly joke.