The most important issue which arises when one is about to start a relationship with a woman is whether he wants a solid one or just to be friends with benefits. Everything is completely individual. However, the majority of men are baffled by the question whether women expect something more, at least a reliable partner, or they are ready to remain in the friendzone for a while before men decide about the outcome of such relationships. Things are not more difficult when one is dating Russian women. At least, it would be a good idea to read more about what do Russian wives expect from their foreign men? It may give a clue to what is generally expected by women with serious intentions, allowing you to detect such behavioural signs.

Bear in mind that generally Russian girls tend to be more traditional and old-styled which means that they prefer to find a man who would be prepared to accept all of the responsibility and become someone they would look up to. They want stability and be sure that their love will not disappear tomorrow. How to get along with Russian brides is the question that is easily answered and can provide you with some essential tips on how one can maintain his current relationships with a Russian woman and what is generally expected.

Unfortunately, a lot of modern men cannot realise such things because as soon as the first problems and obstacles appear, they tend to disappear, preferring not to even bother themselves with listening to the other person. So, whenever you find a Russian lady online, you should know that she does expect much more from you and does not want to be a simple friend.

Nevertheless, if you have decided to keep your relationships at the level of friendship, then it is necessary to make it clear the very first moment you start your conversation. Beware that women are quite shrewd, implying that even though you state openly that you do not want to get into a serious and long-term relationship for the moment, they may start manipulating you, pushing towards a promise that you will be together or that you cannot live with them.

Thus, if you later on decide to abandon such a woman, she will cling to you, telling that you promised to be with her or whatsoever you had said. There are even cases when Russian women manage to manipulate in such a way that they end up visiting their new male “friends” abroad and marrying them there! Be careful with that. So, there are lots of things you need to watch out for, keep your eyes peeled!

It is still important to outline some more things that are the likely consequences of such a decision.

  • Remember that you are setting both of you free. The outcome of this will be that the Russian woman will be your friend and be able to start relationships with other males, even if she is into you. That is the very nature of the females. Regardless of their feelings and emotions, if they notice that there is no stability or little chance of success, they will switch to another guy. This is psychology.
  • It is needless to explain that in order to create a successful couple, it is necessary to be honest with each other. Being friends suggests that both parties are allowed to keep their skeletons to themselves. It means that neither of you can cross the boundary which lies between you and start finding out what kind of personalities you have, how you can live together.

Yes, physical attraction is important when it comes to relationships, but at the same time, even more important is the personality which determines who you are. Keep in mind that even if you have a wonderful and breath-taking beauty, if your personality is a bad one, everything will be meaningless and will never bring you love. No one is going to live with you just because you are beautiful. The same criterion you should apply when chatting with women. One last note to state is that being simple friends is the most disadvantageous situation due to a series of facts. You may just get lost in the multitude of available women, but neither of them will prove to be your partner, your only one. You may lose your chance.

What would be the logical dating advice?

Well, let’s think about it. Yes, those who think to start off with friendship are absolutely right. That is the way to do it. Moreover, if you have one Russian woman you chat with and do not feel sure that she should be the woman of your choice, keep being friends with her. Do not move forward to relationships. At the same time, if you have determined that she is probably right for you, then go ahead. The most important thing to remember is that we all make mistakes. Even if she proves to be the wrong choice later on, then start another relationship or friendship. That’s it. Do not prolong the friends’ stage too much after a failure. All people are different.