The Five Love Languages written by Gary Chapman is the single most important book in the English language that you must read if you’d like to have a successful love life. In this book, Chapman talks about what these five love languages are and why conflicts arise in marriages.

Acts of Service

This is many men’s love language – most men aren’t into saying “I love you” on a daily basis, so they prefer showing their love by doing nice things for their women. Statistics show that many Russian women’s primary love language is also acts of service – this is not common amongst women in other countries. No wonder Russian brides are so popular in today’s day and age. Many western men want to marry Russian wives because of that.


A lot of women’s love language is gifts. That’s why most customers of gift shops are women. If you want to impress a Russian lady, don’t forget to buy her a beautiful gift and make her feel most loved. Remember: it’s the thought behind the gift that counts. But if your Russian girlfriend is a sugar baby, then you may need to buy her expensive gifts in order to make this arrangement work.

Physical touch

Russian beauties love intimacy, so physical touch is highly valued in the Russian dating culture. This love language doesn’t have to be demonstrated by sex. Hugs and kisses are equally effective!

Quality time

It is said that western women’s primary love language is quality time because western girls believe that men and women are supposed to spend time together in order to show love and affection. In contrast, women from Russia are probably less likely to choose quality time as their primary love language. Anyway, if you do spend time with your Russian stunner, make sure you are present with her without any distractions such as your phone and the TV. Many men claim that they spend every weekend with their wives, but in fact they are only watching TV on the couch! That’s not quality time!

Words of affirmation

According to a well-known pickup artist, lots of naïve women prefer words of affirmation as their primary love language & that can be faked so easily. All you need to do is to say this line or that line and you’ll get Russian gals. Well, chances are you don’t want to marry a naïve Russian wife anyway. Having said that, if you use this love language in the right way rather than manipulating people, it’s actually great. You don’t have to say “I love you” three times a day. It can be a love letter, a text message, a Facebook post, pillow talk, and so forth.

That being said, please remember that most people have more than one love language, but there is usually a primary love language. For instance, Natasha (a Russian lady)’s primary love language is acts of service because actions speak louder than words. But she also highly values physical touch as she is a Scorpio with lots of sexual energy that needs to be released.