They say most of Russian women have strong sense of love and companionship. As a rule, they make wonderful mothers, wives and devoted, loyal life partners. At the same time, one can find overcoming cultural differences quite challenging. To make your relationship successful, you and your partner need to be prepared to overcome all the hardships. The first reward you are going to get after all is a stronger, more harmonious and passionate relationship, since relationships created on difficult situations result in this.

Does your Russian bride speak English?

Not speaking common language can be a serious challenge for the relationship, since communication is the key for successful and lasting relationship. Having no common ‘tool’ to communicate with can turn into a crazy nightmare. So, make sure, you two are patient to each other and learn each other’s language to be able to communicate. If any misunderstandings occur, stay calm and try to understand where this misunderstanding comes from, as this can simply be the insufficiency of language baggage.

Initially you can use dictionaries, on-line translators, friends’ help, etc. Take advantage of all possible means to understand each other and progress in learning each other’s language. A great advantage of the lady moving to your place is that it is easier to catch up with the language in the natural surroundings. Be as supportive to your wife as you only can and she will be grateful to you for this.

It is not a secret that many single Russian women find the process of adjusting to a new life in the USA rather difficult. Many of them search for Russian friends there and some even think of coming back to Russia.

Statistics shows that many Russian women do so in a year or two after their immigration. However, the same statistics says that those, who remained in the country for more than 3 years never feel foreigners there, developing a strong passion for the country.

It is never easy to overcome home-sickness. It is hard time to be away from family and friends. The key to success is your loving support to your wife. The major mistake of Russian ladies in the USA is being Russian: watching Russian TV programs, socializing with Russian immigrants, etc. The best decision is to start thinking in American way from the first day of your wife’s life in your country: meeting American people, watching American TV programs, living American life.

Initial contact is very important. It is crucial to discuss the most important barriers that can arise in your relationship as the result of culture and mentality clash. So, making initial contact with a Russian lady you need to be straightforward. It is ok to contact many ladies at first, but then you will need to select the ladies that you like the most and start developing only serious contacts. Then your on-line communication needs to result into a meeting face to face.

The best way to meet your Russian bride is coming to visit her in her country. It is not advisable to invite your Russian lady to your country for the initial personal meeting. First of all, you can become a victim of on-line dating scam and second, you need to know that obtaining a visa for the citizens of the former Soviet Union countries is not easy. Besides this, it is a gentleman, who comes after his beloved in Russian mentality. Thus, to stay on the safe side in all meanings, it will be better if you arrange a meeting in your Russian bride’s country.

It is also advisable to meet several ladies during your trip in case a true chemistry doesn’t appear between you and the only lady you are going to meet. No matter how things will develop, be open to meet other ladies and be sure your trip to Eastern Europe will be an experience you’ll never forget!