Many men had bad breakups or painful divorces, so they feel depressed and are not motivated when it comes to dating and relationships. If you are one of them, please do yourself a favour and keep reading.

Manage micro-rejections and don’t let them hurt your ego

Micro-rejections refer to small but many ways in which your affection and interest might not be returned. It can be sending a message to someone on a Russian women dating site without hearing from them ever. It can also be being ghosted after a date with a Russian girl. Whatever happens, make sure you don’t allow them to bruise your ego!

Think of your first few messages as practice rounds

Don’t feel bad if you don’t receive any response from women on a Russian women dating website. It’s very common to see a lot of messages are wasted because beautiful Russian ladies usually receive hundreds of messages per day! What you should do is to keep contacting more single Russian women and see what will happen later. You can even think of the first few dates as practice rounds because if you are already picturing someone the mother of your children on the first date, that’s just too much pressure on everyone. The first few dates should be relaxing, fun and interesting – you need to know whether you have enough shared vision, common interests and chemistry first.

Be the chooser

As a man, you have the power to choose. In almost every culture, men are in a better position than women in terms of dating and relationships because that’s just how the modern-day society works everywhere. It’s a men’s world. When you are worried about whether Russian beauties like you or not, they are probably worried about whether you want to choose them or not! With this mindset, you instantly become more empowered and optimistic.

You are in control

You can control the type of love you are willing to accept and give. Although you can’t force a Russian lady to fall in love with you, you can still influence her. The more you look at your dating data, the more you learn from your previous lessons. Naturally, you will become deliberate about the Russian beauty you want to commit to and avoid drama queens.

Dating is supposed to be casual unless it’s a commitment

Yes, even women from Russia like casual dating because that’s the nature of chemistry between men and women. The purpose of dating is to meet people and see if you like each other and have similar values. You should only commit to a Russian stunner if she meets all your standards very well. And never settle for less because you deserve more.

It’s okay to have some bad dates

You need to be aware of this – you will have some bad dates with ladies from Russia. Some girls will be rude. Some girls will be cold. And that’s very, very normal. Don’t take it personal because it’s about them – it’s not about you. What you should do is to keep working on your dating skills and keep looking for the ideal Russian bride.