YouTube is a great free resource for you to learn anything you want to learn, including how to date Russian girls. There are a few wonderful YouTube channels that you can’t afford to miss out on!

iDateAdvice: This is the best international dating channel on YouTube so far. It includes a lot of information about dating women from different countries. Its best video is about why Russian women want to leave Russia (with millions of views already). If you are curious about dating Russian ladies, you must subscribe to iDateAdvice on YouTube. In fact, iDateAdvice also has a website where you can read their blog articles for free. Those blog posts are written by dating experts in the online dating industry and offline dating field. Another fantastic YouTube channel features Yad, the ultimate pickup artist who prefers Russian beauties. He even has a video about how he instantly kisses a Russian stunner within a few minutes after meeting her in the street. Although many comments argue that this Russian tourist is sexually available – that’s why it’s easy for Yad to get her, we have to admit that Yad really has outstanding dating skills to get women from Russia quickly. His record so far is 25 minutes from meeting a girl in the street to going to bed with her. He lives in the best location in London, so he can easily take hot women to his place every day.

Richard la Ruina: Richard is the world’s No. 1 pickup artist because he runs PUA Training, the world’s biggest pickup artist training company. He married a Russian wife a while ago and has decided to keep teaching pickup in the long term. Though he is controversial on TV and online because he says beauties from Russia are pretty and honest, whereas British women are fat and entitled, he is still the most influential pickup artist in the world in terms of getting Russian beauties. By the way, he has even slept with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan because of his marvellous dating skills.Richard la Ruina youtube

Street Attraction: This YouTube channel is run by a British pickup coaching company who regularly runs boot camps in Eastern Europe where coaches take students to pick up East European girls in the street. In fact, these dating coaches support Richard la Ruina’s argument, i.e. girls from Russia are hotter and better than women from the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you are interested in meeting more sexy ladies from Russia, you should totally subscribe to their YouTube channel where they post free videos regularly.

Jade Seashell: Jade is a regular contributor of where she has written a large number of articles which attract millions of views each month. If you have a question to ask her, you can write a comment under a video on her YouTube channel so that she can answer your question quickly.

The Natural Lifestyle: This YouTube channel is run by an Australian pickup coaching company. Although the founder and main coaches of this company are Australians, The Natural Lifestyle is based in Hungary because the founder has realised that running a business in Australia involves too much tax to pay, whilst running a company in Eastern Europe has lower expense in general. Actually, James Marshall (the founder of The Natural Lifestyle) says he makes first-world money, but he lives in a second-world country to lower his cost, which is a pretty smart move. James Marshall dates multiple Russian models at the same time because he knows how to manage multiple relationships.