So, you’ve got a Russian girlfriend and you want to marry her. Welcome to the next level which is a better life! A better life is not about having no problem. A better life is about having higher-quality problems. For example, before you got a Russian girl, your problem was how to meet a Russian woman and attract her. After you got a Russian lady, your problem is how to keep her and maintain a happy relationship in the long term. Now in this article, you will know how!

Never allow money to get in the way

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first level of human needs is food, shelter and clothes; the second level is security (which includes financial security); the next level is emotional connection, i.e. love. That means, when financial security is absent, the emotional connection will fall apart. As we all know, money cannot guarantee happiness; however, absence of money guarantees unhappiness. As a result, you have to take care of your personal finances if you want to keep your Russian wife in the long term.

Understand that marriage can be perceived as a full-time job

But when you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Marrying a woman for the wrong reasons will always end up in a messy ending because marriage is actually a full-time job that’s not even paid and you can’t retire from it (unless you want a divorce). Some men choose women based on superficial things like boobs, hair, money and status. Remember: All of these can be taken away, but your Russian bride’s personality, education and capabilities will stay with this marriage forever. Therefore, you would be well-advised to choose a Russian wife based on the right standards rather than the wrong criteria.

Do not hang out with people who hate marriage

If your plan is to marry a Russian bride and be happy for the rest of your life, you must avoid negative people who hate marriage in general. For example, if your friends don’t like Russians and say all Russian women are gold-diggers, you must consider changing your friends. In fact, you should have new friends and avoid your old friends because you can only look after so many interests at a time. If your friends are cheating on their wives and really hate being married, you may also need to change your friends and find some new friends instead.

Research shows that if one man amongst a group of guys is cheating on his wife and getting a divorce, it’s quite likely for his male friends in the same social group to do the same. Obviously, you don’t want to be a part of that! Choose your friends carefully and wisely from now on. Some men regret having wrong friends in their 20s and made wrong decisions, so they live in regret for the rest of their lives. You don’t want to be one of them!