Marriage is a very important step in human life. When marrying everyone expects to find not only a great lover and a partner, but also a friend, a person, whom they can share their opinions, thoughts, emotions and fears with. In a marriage people look for a person that would be able to understand their likes, dislikes, values, interests and hobbies.

When partners are born and raised in the same country they are familiar with the same movies, actors, jokes, songs, music, proverbs, books, etc. In one word, they have the same roots. In the case of international marriage a Western man and Russian bride don’t have this in common and need to learn each other’s background, culture, traditions and mentalities anew. This is a rather complicated process and requires patience, understanding and commitment on both parties. On the other hand, it is an exciting experience when partners can widen the horizons of their knowledge and intelligence.

Meanwhile, many couples can find it frustrating being not able to understand partner’s reactions, excitements, anger, frustration, laughter, etc. You feel bad when your partner doesn’t share your excitement and happiness when a famous singer arrives to your city and you want to go to the concert. Or you are talking to each other and you make a joke that your partner doesn’t understand or, what is even worse, misunderstands it and thinks you are laughing not with him/her, but at him/herself.

Sometimes, you will be unable to understand how your spouse can remain cold and indifferent to the things that touch your heart, make you scream with joy or make your eyes wet. In such situation, you want to see that partner by your side that you can share everything with and that will understand and support you, no matter what. Here is the point, where your chemistry is not enough and your possible variants to explain the situation fail.

So, what to do to make an international marriage work out and don’t let your misunderstanding based on cultural differences ruin it?

he answer is easy to give, but not so easy to follow – you need to be patient! Remember you two are in the same boat and that you can also easily frustrate your wife, as well as she does with you. So, don’t get upset quickly! Bear in mind that for your Russian wife this process is even more difficult, since she needs to get used to the new country, language, culture, life style, etc. At least, you are at home – the ambiance you were born and grew up in.

What to do to overcome this? Do research on each other’s countries, culture, traditions, etc. Talk more to each other, be open and patient to explain things and provide answers to any questions that your spouse may have for you. The great invention of the present age – Internet – will be a great helper in your way to learning each other’s worlds. Listen to the music you like together, read the books that your spouse likes, watch the movies that your partner finds interesting, etc. This will help you understand each other better, enrich your inner world and with time forget of any sort of cultural clash. Good luck in your international marriage and much patience to you two!