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What makes Russian wives special when compared to other nationalities?

Selecting the right person who is going to share all your burdens throughout your life is one of the hardest challenges that one may ever face. It is believed, therefore, that specific countries are known across the globe for their brides. One of the best places where life-long love can be found is Russia and Russian wives. Even though an increasing number of men have fallen in love with Russia’s females as hot Russian ladies are hunting for foreign husbands, the question still remains open as to why do foreign men prefer Russian women to the Western ones. Let’s now consider specific areas that make men favour the Russians.

To start off with, we cannot omit the extreme Russian beauty which is different to all other types of beauty that we know today. It is attributed to a wonderful mixture of various nationalities which has taken place along the Russian history. The very nation is born from a mixture of the Eastern Slavs and the Finns. Later on, the Western Slavs as well as Eastern nations, like Kipchaks and Mongols have managed to share their genes with the Russians. Furthermore, during the imperial and Soviet past, the Europeans as well as Africans and Asians had the opportunity to mix their bloods with the Russian one. Today, we are contemplating the result of love of many generations which has gifted us this unspeakable beauty. Neither of this can be seen anywhere in the developed Western countries, even though they have also experienced a lot of intermingling of races along their histories.

hot Russian ladies are hunting for foreign

Then, we should probably move on to the most important part which actually determines whether someone is going to marry another person – personality that also can answer the question, are beautiful Russian ladies easy to communicate with? This is far more important than any physical aspects because it is the answer to the question, “will you be able to spend the rest of your days with that particular person?” The overwhelming majority of men who have Russian wives do advocate in favour of marrying the Russians.

The first most likely reason is the very Russian culture and conservatism that prevent them from progressing alongside the fellow Europeans and Americans. This is not referred to backwardness. It is a peculiarity of the Russian nation which still clings to its heritage that has been passed from the previous generations.

The most important event in the life of a Russian woman is her marriage. All the Russians take this step very seriously. It is a door to another life that they all strive for, especially the female part of the population. Family-orientation is, therefore, the most valuable advantage that one may face when dating Russian girls. You will see how desperately they want to get married. This is simply due to their upbringing and cultural background. Since they are small children, they are taught by their parents that their aim should be to get married and give birth to children and then raise them. They are taught to serve and not to demand, unlike their Western counterparts who are excessively self-obsessed and egoistic. Western ladies are brought up with the sole motivation to become successful entrepreneurs or professionals. Their careers are the what they all aim at. Love is no longer regarded as a real phenomenon. It is typically referred to as a bunch of hormones that are secreted when one is sexually aroused, thus, provoking the promiscuous behaviour which can now be observed among the majority of Western women. Satisfaction and not sacrifice is the motto. They want to get and not to give out.

beautiful Russian ladies

Having family and children also means responsibility. The modern-day Russian women do know what it implies and are ready to stand up to their values and beliefs. There is no turning back. However, if you even manage to marry a Western lady, she will be simply unwilling to listen to you and to give anything back. The best thing you can hope for will be her praise or thank you after you have done something to her. The best option will be a weekend together with her family or friends. Don’t you even dare to declare that you are fed up with it and want a normal married life. A break-up will likely take place.

Last, but not least is the Russian wives’ ability to devote themselves entirely to their husbands and the absolute absence of cheating. There is no opportunity a Russian woman will even think of having intimate relationships with someone else. That is a dramatic difference when compared to the Western ladies who regard their sexual affairs only their personal thing and do not even share it with their husbands. Interfering with their personal life, even when married, is considered a violation of their personal liberties.

Overall, you have now been informed on some basic beneficial qualities of the Russian wives that simply drive men crazy. It is up to you to decide whether you want to date them or not, but you will not make the wrong choice by making the decision to marry a Russian lady.

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