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How to tell whether a Russian woman is using ho tactics on you

Some western men think that they are entitled to Russian women’s love simply because they are men from western countries. But that’s actually very dangerous. Let me emphasise this again: Entitlement is the most dangerous thing you can have because it gives you blind spots in life! I know many men who feel entitled because they are too confident, and their relationships all ended badly. So, it’s time to wake up if you are still in the dream of entitlement. Remember: hoes prefer entitled men because it’s much easier to manipulate an entitled man than a modest man. Now let’s have a look at some strategies to identify hoes from Russia, since you are already on our Russian women dating site. (I acknowledge that not all Russian women are hoes. I just have your best interest at heart.)

met a hot Russian girl


Does this Russian girl have extremely sexy appearance? I’m not saying all sexy Russian ladies are dangerous. What I’m saying is when you see an incredibly hot Russian stunner, you shouldn’t listen to your dick and must listen to your head, because you don’t want your dick to dictate the rest of your life by marrying a ho. Whenever you meet an extremely hot woman, you need to see whether she is naturally sexy in a healthy way or she is trying very hard to impress you for some reason. The former is usually safe, but the latter is probably dangerous because she might have an agenda that you don’t know yet.

russian find love


Does this Russian beauty test you? Hoes test men in various ways. For example, a ho asks a guy to buy her new headphones on his way to see her. There are many different kinds of headphones in the shop, so the price/brand of the headphones that he buys tells the ho whether this dude is a treat, a trick or a sponsor. If you have meet a very hot Russian lady and your dick is trying to dictate your thoughts, now you should see if she is testing you in different ways or not. For instance, if she wants you to choose a restaurant for the next date, she is possibly testing you by seeing which restaurant you are going to choose. If you choose a cheap restaurant and she disappears the next day, at least you know you have just dodged a bullet.

sex with his Russian girlfriend


Does this Russian woman use her traumatic stories in the past to avoid sleeping with you? Yes, you’ve meet a hot Russian girl and you always think you are going to get into her pants because she behaves in a very sexy way every time you see her. However, she either says, “You are not ready yet” (this is confusing, right? Actually, she is playing mind games with you) or she says, “Honestly, I had a traumatic sexual experience a while ago, and I’m still working on it.” That means she is refusing to sleep with you and only wants to use you for your money. A classic example is: A British guy was dating a Russian model for nearly three months. She used all those ho tactics on him. One night, he thought he would have sex with his Russian girlfriend. When he arrived at her place, she began to cry, “I just came back from XYZ nightclub, and at the exit of the club, a few men nearly raped me!” So, this British guy couldn’t sleep with her that night and he thought not sleeping with her was his decision! Then she kept using him for a few extra months until he realised what happened – he got played because she was using him for money. But most men are quiet after they’ve got played, so those hoes can keep hustling other men without any damaged reputation.


All right, I’m sure you know dick tactics very well if you are a guy reading this article, and now you are also aware of ho tactics today. Good luck and play it safe!




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