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How to tell if a Russian girl is hustling men for money

There are gold-diggers everywhere. Gold-diggers don’t come with a warning and they live in every country in this world. Therefore, it’s very important for you to learn how to identify a gold-digger from Russia if you decide to date Russian girls.


Heavy makeup is a possible sign of a gold-digger. In Russia, most ladies don’t wear heavy makeup because they generally prefer a small amount of natural makeup that adds radiance to their face only. Nonetheless, when you see a Russian stunner who wears very heavy makeup, you may want to wonder why she does that. Usually, a woman with heavy makeup has low self-esteem and feels insecure. That’s why she has to use heavy makeup to cover her insecurity. When a woman has low self-esteem, anything is possible. For instance, perhaps she doesn’t believe that she can make money and become successful by herself, so she may decide to hustle men for money instead. Small wonder we notice a lot of gold-diggers with very heavy makeup. You need to be particularly careful when you are dating a Russian stunner with heavy eye makeup and dark red lipstick at the same time. Interestingly, men actually like makeup; men just don’t know it. A study shows that although men say they hate makeup, men actually feel more attracted to women with makeup on.



If she tells you a sob story, that’s a sign. This is a very common tactic used by gold-diggers and any female manipulator – She just tells you a sob story so that you have to feel sorry for her. According to modern psychology, when a man feels sorry for a woman, he actually likes her even more because men are biologically programmed to protect women. Almost every gold-digger has a sob story to tell men so that they can benefit from men financially. If you hear your Russian girlfriend telling you a sob story, please be aware of her motive immediately and don’t believe in everything she says because chances are she is probably manipulating you now.

girl for dating online


Never trust a Russian girl who you haven’t met in person yet. No matter how great the conversation goes online, you shouldn’t trust someone who you haven’t met in person yet. I know a couple who met each other in 2005 on Face Party (a popular hook-up site with lots of members in the United Kingdom) – they didn’t start their relationship until they have met each other in person in 2016 (and that’s 11 years later). Indeed, you don’t really have a relationship if your “girlfriend” only chats with you online! You must meet the Russian beauty as soon as possible to see whether she is the right woman for you. If a woman asks for your money while chatting with you on the Internet, you must block her dating profile immediately and report her to the Russian dating site.

girl-with-best date


Does she appreciate the fact that you’ve paid for the dinner date? When you meet a Russian stunner, it’s very normal for you to pay for the date because men are supposed to pay on the date, especially if you are dating a girl from Russia who is more traditional than western women. As you are a chivalrous gentleman, you think that’s not a problem. But at the same time, does your Russian date appreciate this kind gesture? If she doesn’t even say thanks, that’s a sign of a free loader. Also, if you have taken her out for a couple of times and she never offers to pay, that’s a sign of a gold-digger. At least, your Russian woman should reciprocate in other ways, e.g. when you pay for the movie tickets, she should pay for the ice cream!




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