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How to stay married to a Russian wife

Meeting a Russian girl isn’t hard, but staying married to a Russian wife and committing to each other every year in your life are the hard part of a relationship. Instead of constantly analysing Russian dating tips, shall we look at some marriage tips today?


Share new interests and be creative. One of the most common reasons why couples get divorced is that people grow into different directions in life. Therefore, you should probably share new interests with your Russian wife throughout your life in order to maintain the spark between you two. Perhaps you can watch a TV show together and have a discussion about it regularly? Maybe you can travel together at least once a year?

married to a Russian wife


When you and your Russian lady have different interests, stick to yours. Let’s say you want to stay at home and read books every weekend, but your Russian beauty wants to go shopping every weekend. You should stick to your interest and do your thing, because if you are grumpy, you can’t give her a good time anyway. Hence, you can talk to your Russian stunner and have a plan: Every month, you go shopping with her once only; you stay at home and read books most of the weekends. That means the majority of your weekends should be yours, but once in a while, you do what she wants to do as well. This is the perfect way to make both of you happy.


Accept that you are different individuals. You and your Russian womanwere born in different families, went to different schools, had different experiences in life and met each other later. As a result, of course you two are different individuals. That’s why sometimes you and your wife from Russia like different things and different people. Sometimes you don’t like her friend; sometimes she doesn’t like a decision that you make at work. And that’s okay. You just need to accept these differences because they are extremely common.

staying married to a Russian wife


Have a sense of wonder, a sense of humour, a sense of curiosity and a sense of adventure. With a good sense of humour, the bad times in your marriage will seem to be a bit easier and the good times in your marriage will look even better. Also, experience life like you are a 4-year-old who has just discovered this world for the first time – that’s how you stay interested in what this world has to offer! In order to be interesting, you must be interested first. When you have this mindset, it’s much easier to maintain a healthy relationship with your Russian wife because you will want to explore new things with her. You will be curious about why she does what she does; you will learn more and more about her.


Let small bad things happen so that you can make big good things happen. Most couples fight about stupid little things in life. That’s a huge mistake because most small details in life don’t even matter! It’s very silly to blow things out of proportion when those things are probably irrelevant. In his best-selling book The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss famously writes, “Accept an allowable level of small problems and focus on the big things. Expect small problems. Life is full of compromises, and it’s necessary to let small bad things happen if you want to get huge good things done.” That’s called the art of letting bad things happen. Indeed, Tim Ferriss travels for four months a year and during those “mini-retirements”, he doesn’t even check his email, so when he returns back to the Untied States, he deals with each small problem in his Inbox. And that’s okay! Similarly, it’s totally okay if you and your Russian bride have some conflicts in your marriage. As long as the big things in your marriage are fine, there is nothing to worry about really. Fix those small problems if you can. If you can’t, just accept their existence and focus on the big things in your marriage. If you fight about those small things, you won’t have the mental bandwidth for big things in life.

your wife from Russia


Never sacrifice your dreams for your bride from Russia. I know a couple who got married 20 years ago and they were always fighting about many things in life. The guy moved to England in order to get married to this woman, so he gave up his successful career in the United States. Whenever there is a problem in their marriage, he begins to talk about what he has sacrificed in order to be married to his wife, which builds resentment in his marriage. Now they are going through a divorce. Clearly, no matter what, you need to prioritise your dreams and ambitions. You can always find another Russian woman, but the career opportunities may not come again. • You won’t always agree with each other, but you have to stay on the same wavelength.There will be disagreements in your marriage, and that’s not a problem. Chances are you and your girl from Russia aren’t interested in the same things in life, right? But as long as you stay more or less on the same wavelength, the marriage is still all right!


Respect each other and give each other space. You don’t want to know her passwords, and she shouldn’t have access to your social media accounts either. I’ve never seen a couple who solved their problems by checking each other’s phones. If there is a problem, deal with the problem – why do you need to look at her phone? If there is no problem, then what’s the point of looking at her phone?



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