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How to make Russian women chase you in 2018?

Ordinary men think of how to chase women; extraordinary men think of how to get women to chase them instead.


The ability to make Russian ladies chase you is the ultimate paradigm shift because once they begin to game you, they are doing all the hard work for you already. So all you need to do is to enjoy the inevitable results! But how can you turn the tables quickly? Let’s have a look at the following quick tips!

make Russian ladies

Demonstrate your high value early. When you are talking to a Russian beauty, the first thing you need to do is to demonstrate your high value. The good news is the fact that you are a native speaker of English from the United States or the United Kingdom is already high value because Russian girls automatically associate high status with a western man. Although you should assume Russian women all like you, it doesn’t mean you should be an arrogant asshole.

Certainly, you are still the caring gentleman that Russian ladies can’t resist. There are many ways to demonstrate your high value. For example, you can bring a wingman who introduces you to Russian beauties on a social occasion. The wingman can say, “Oh, you should totally meet my friend Robert. He is the CEO of XYZ Company.” If you don’t have the best job in the world, your wingman can say something along the lines of, “Natalia, you should definitely meet my friend Robert. He is the best person I’ve ever met in New York.”


(Well, “New York” already demonstrates your high value in this situation because women in Russia want to go to New York!)

talking to a Russian beauty

• Get a wing woman to help you. Though in the paragraph above I talked about the importance of having a wingman, getting a wing woman to help you is even better. Here is why: When a Russian woman sees you attend a party with a woman, your value increases in her eyes because now the Russian lady is thinking, “Who is hotter, me or that woman?” Or “Why does she have a guy to go out with? Am I uglier than her?” Or “Who is that guy with an attractive girl?” Therefore, this Russian beauty begins to pay more attention to you. Remember: women are competitive, so they want to see which woman you like. Now your goal is to get your wing woman to introduce you to the Russian beauty, so she approaches the woman from Russia and says, “I like your earrings. Where did you get them from?” Naturally, they become friends quickly.

Now your wing woman says, “Oh, Natalia, you must meet Robert. He is the CEO of XYZ Company.” (Or “He is the best guy I’ve ever met in New York.”) Your wing woman can even say something like, “I think a beautiful lady like you and Robert are a perfect match!” This indicates your wing woman is not your girlfriend or wife, so the Russian lady can relax and begin to chase you.

hot girl from Russia

• Go out with a lot of girls at the same time. If you are a social person, make sure you invite all your female friends out at the same time, including the hot girl from Russia. When you are hanging out together, these women will compete for your attention and see which one you like! Now it’s much easier to get the Russian beauty because she wants to chase a high-value guy like you.

• Invade the Russian beauty’s personal space. When you are talking to the beauty in Russia, make sure you invade her personal space a bit. For instance, you can stand next to her and your shoulder “accidentally” touches her shoulder. Don’t stand in front of her because that’s too much pressure. When you sit down with her, always sit next to her so that you can easily invade her personal space under the radar! Even though you are gaming her, she will begin to chase you once she feels the attraction  Russian beauties are quite proactive and can take action in a bold way.

flowers to russian women

• If you have more than one wing woman, get them to chase you first. If you are the lucky guy with a lot of female friends who are happy to be your wing women, you should get them to chase you first in front of the Russian girl you actually like. For example, at your birthday party, you invite all these hot women, including the lady from Russia. Your wing women should wear relatively revealing clothes and let their breasts “accidentally” touch your arm. And make sure the woman from Russia can see that.

When the Russian girl notices that you are unfazed by attractive women’s sex appeal, she knows you must be a high-value guy who is already used to tons of female attention. Therefore, she will begin to chase you – she thinks she deserves the best.


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