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Different ways to meet Russian women effectively

There are many ways to meet Russian girls online and offline. Have you tried any of these before?


Start a relationship with a Russian girl and directly become her boyfriend. This approach is efficient and effective because the purpose is direct and simple. There is no need to play mind games and analyse who likes who first. Some typical ways to meet Russian beauties directly include: joining an international marriage agency, joining a Russian women dating site, downloading an international dating app such as Brilic, going to a speed dating event for Russian stunners, etc. Yet the disadvantage of this approach is also quite obvious: When you start a relationship with someone without any shared experience in the past, the risk is higher, e.g. maybe you’ll marry each other for the wrong reasons (convenience, other benefits, etc.); maybe you’ll find out that you actually can’t stand each other due to different values. No wonder in a well-known TED talk, Tim Ferriss famously said, “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.” Indeed, when you find an easy way to meet women from Russia, there is a risk which might lead to a hard life later. Having said that, it doesn’t mean this direct approach is not valuable. As a matter of fact, if you know how to use this approach correctly, it’s incredibly helpful – all you need to do is to start a friendship with the beauty from Russia first, and then you decide whether she should be your girlfriend/wife or not later.

meet Russian girls online


Meet ladies from Russia through your social circle. This is an ideal way to meet hot women from Russiabecause usually awkward/low-value women wouldn’t attend social events very often (social activities are the filter). As a result, chances are you’ll meet some very gorgeous girls from Russia through your social circle when you go to parties and other social events. Better still, when you meet these sexy stunners from Russia, you probably already have some shared friends with these girls. That’s called social proof – the fact that you have mutual friends means these Russian ladies aren’t crazy bitches. However, the hard part of this approach is you must develop strong social skills yourself in the first place. Otherwise, this approach won’t work – how can you attract hot beauties from Russia if you are an awkward dorky guy yourself? You literally can’t! Therefore, you must become a more charismatic guy first, and by making these hard choices (learning charisma & honing your social skills), you’ll have an easy life in the long term.

sexy stunners from Russia


Meet Russian women from work. It is said that most people met their love interests at work because this is the most common way to meet members of the opposite sex easily. That’s true – you spend 8 hours together per day every day, so of course exposure leads to attraction. Actually, although this sounds very nice, you must know how to get girls at work before you do it! Without prior knowledge, it won’t work. First of all, you have to be friendly to everyone – talk to everybody at work so that people in your company think you are just an outgoing guy in general. Then when you talk to the Russian girl you prefer, it won’t seem to be weird. On a Friday afternoon, you can suggest that everybody in your office should go downstairs and have a Happy Hour in a bar nearby. If the Russian stunner also joins the Happy Hour, you can isolate her by talking to her while standing/sitting next to her. During the conversation, you can say, “Let’s grab a pizza later together.” After everyone else is gone, only you and this Russian woman are in the pub. Now you know what to do, right? (In case you don’t know what to do, this is what you need to do next: You take her to a pizza place and buy a pizza. And then you ask her to go to your place together. As long as she doesn’t physically walk away, you know it’s on, so you should lead her to your place. Even if she says “no”, she probably just wants to look like a good girl rather than a slut. Therefore, you need to look at her action – if she is still walking with you, that means she wants to go home with you. When you are eating pizza with her while watching a romantic movie at home, you observe her reaction. If she enjoys the time in your place, you can escalate on her later.)

attract hot beauties from Russia


Go to Russia and approach sexy women in the street. If you are very dedicated to your love for women in Russia, you must try this approach because life is short and your youth is even shorter! Hence, you’d better make full use of your limited time on this planet. Just fly to Russia and you’ll be amazed by how modern and westernised it is! Russia is not what you think based on what you hear on western mainstream media. In fact, it’s a very sophisticated country! When you are walking down the street in Russia, you will definitely see hot girls everywhere because the majority of Russian ladies look like super models (I’m not exaggerating at all; you will know this is true when you visit Russia). Again, hard choices, easy life. Therefore, you would be well-advised to approach girls in Russia proactively and learn how to deal with rejection when you have to. Please see rejections as numbers only because that’s very normal – not every woman is your cup of tea and you are not every woman’s cup of tea either. If you can get one Russian lover when you are in Russia, that’s already a big success because now your love life has become more colourful with this new adventure which is full of excitement, fun, pleasure and joy. So, you should probably try this approach during your next vacation, right? Live your life with no regret!




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